Birthday Jamz

So I’ve been really bad about getting these blog posts up in a timely manner, but…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last week, though it’s probably two weeks now, my sister-in-law celebrated her birthday with a paint party at Art Jamz DC. The concept behind a paint party at Art Jamz is actually quite interesting. Art Jamz provides you with all the material – canvas, paint, brushes, markers, glitter – even the help of some Creative Enablers, and for two hours you can, according to Art Jamz DC, unleash your inner artist while listening to music and drinking wine. Wine, paint and pizza – what a great combination.
At the end of the night it turned out that Danielle is probably the most creative of the three of us. She might actually be successful when we try to sell our paintings at Eastern Market.  Andre, of course, painted something related to Batman and mine was purple and glittery. When I sent Mom a picture of my painting she said, “You couldn’t choose another colour this time?” Sigh. Next time?
Here’s a look at our artwork: 
Art Jamz DC



Art Jamz DC
Andre’s creation


Art Jamz DC
My creation: Midnight Carnival


Art Jamz DC
Danielle’s beauty


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