UPDATED: Grenada COVID-19 Entry Guidelines

Grenada COVID-19 Entry Guidelines. Last Updated: April 9, 2022

Grenada is open! On April 4th 2022, Grenada’s state of emergency was revoked and all COVID-19 related travel protocols were lifted.
This means that there is no testing and vaccination requirement to enter Grenada, and no required submission of a health declaration form before arrival in Grenada. Additionally, the restrictions on the movement of people, operation of businesses, the mandate to wear masks and maintain physical distancing have also been lifted.

So what does this mean for me when I come to Grenada?

While the Government of Grenada has lifted the COVID-19 protocols, individual business places can still enforce policies to safeguard their employees and business interests and require masks or sanitizing upon entry.
You will also need to pay attention to the current protocols for airports, airlines and the destinations you may pass through on your way to or from Grenada.
And that’s where we are now. Continue practicing good hygiene, stay healthy and I’ll see you in Pure Grenada!



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