About Me

Photo Credit: Joshua Yetman


Hello! I am Alyssa (but you can call me Alybiz) from the Spice of the Caribbean, Grenada. I’m a carnival lover, aspiring master cupcake baker, and, above all else, a storyteller on an adventure to share stories inspired by the people and places around me.


When I started Adventures of an Island Girl in 2011, it existed as a space for me to share my adventures and mis-adventures with my friends and family. Now, I realize that my writing has the potential to inspire other Caribbean people to venture out into the world.  So, come on this journey with me. Along with the stories, you’ll find travel tips, good vibes, and hopefully a lot of my cupcakes.


I’m also a children’s book author! My second book, Good Boy Milo, is available for sale. Check it out!



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