Books by Alyssa Bierzynski

Alyssa Bierzynski, a Grenadian storyteller, has been writing short stories about her adventures since she was a young girl. Now that she’s a little older, Alyssa continues to write stories inspired by the people and places around her. Alyssa is the author of children’s picture books Carla Dances Soca and Good Boy Milo, and co-author of the short story Anansi Plays Fancy Mas.

Good Boy Milo

“When Milo the dog finds a kite stuck in his favourite mango tree, he knows he has to help it get back to the sky with its friends. There’s just one problem; Milo does not know how to fly a kite. Will Milo ever get the kite to fly?”

Good Boy Milo is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Grenadians Alyssa Bierzynski and Elizabeth Lander.

Anansi Plays Fancy Mas

“When Anansi gets told that he cannot play Fancy Mas, he decides to take matters into his own hands and start his own mas band. Will Anansi be able to deliver the costumes so everyone can play mas?”

Anansi Plays Fancy Mas is a twist on a classic folktale as told by Kamille John, Neila Ettienne and Alyssa Bierzynski. This short story was part of Expo 2020 Dubai seven-part anthology of short stories called Children’s Tales From Around the World. Anansi Plays Fancy Mas can be found in Part 3: Happiness and Harmony, which is available for download on Apple Books.

Carla Dances Soca

“Carla is a beautiful ballerina. But when she tries to dance to soca, everybody laughs! How will she ever learn to dance to the beat?”

Carla Dances Soca is a children’s picture book published by Room to Read in partnership with Grenada Schools Incorporated as part of an initiative to create culturally relevant picture books for Grenadian children. Carla Dances Soca can be found in all school libraries in Grenada. While not currently available for sale, you can read it, and the other Grenadian titles, online via Room to Read’s Literacy Cloud platform.

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