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After another much longer than expected hiatus, I’m back on the blog! Did you miss me?

I’ll be honest, I tried to come up with every possible excuse why I wasn’t blogging. “I haven’t gone on any adventures lately” and “I’m too tired to write” are just some of them. But after I wrote my first fiction in years during a workshop for SGU’s Writer-in-Residence program, I realized just how much I missed writing.
As I’m sitting here typing it dawned on me that the past 10 months have been the adventure. I’ve just completed my first year as an Instructor in the School of Arts and Sciences at St. George’s University, and the word adventure doesn’t fully capture the experience that I’ve had. I never thought I would become a teacher; I thought I would be planning events and writing press releases every day. I may be approaching it from a different angle now, but I’m still fulfilling my goal. I’m still helping people communicate better, which is really all I ever wanted.
This academic year, but specifically this past semester, I did more than just teach a few English courses. I was the faculty advisor for the Undergraduate Student Government Association, and got to work with an incredible group of students. I saw them make mistakes, learn and grow. I worked with the first group of students from South Sudan as part of the Peace Through Medicine program. I also taught the charter class of police officers in the Social and Behavioral Policing program.

Outstanding Faculty Award? Heeeeey! 

So now that the semester is over, I’m on vacation in DC! I missed this city. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Reunited with my girls! 


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