DC Meets Grenada

I became a walking advertisement for Grenada when I moved to Washington DC to start school at American University. From the time I opened my mouth and words jumped out, people wanted to know where I was from. I wasted no time in educating my classmates about my wonderful little island, with help of course from some Grenada Chocolate and rum punch. I’m sure they got tired of me sometimes, but by the time graduation rolled around I think I had extended an invitation to visit Grenada to almost everyone in my cohort.
The first of my close circle of DC friends to visit was Kelly in August 2013. Her visit coincided with our Carnival celebrations, and even though she didn’t stay for the actual Carnival Monday and Tuesday, I think she still got quite a good taste of it.

Kelly getting her feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean

The rest of the crew – Sireen, Nikki and Ashwini – followed in Kelly’s footsteps a year and a half later, and just returned to DC after a whirlwind week of sightseeing, eating all the food, and discovering their soca powers.

Island tour on their first day. Sugar Loaf behind us


Touristing on Fort George


It wasn’t all just fun and food during their visit. I made sure to include a hash on the itinerary, which meant all of the mud and crossing a river or two.
Unfortunately, the girls’ last day was marked by rain, but that didn’t stop us from a snorkeling trip with Aquanauts to the Underwater Sculpture Park and Flamingo Bay. Even though it rained intermittently during the trip, the sky wasn’t too overcast so the underwater visibility was still quite good.

Underwater group photo for the win!


Oh hello there!


Final dinner at Aquarium

I’m so glad to have been able to share a little bit of home with my amazing bunch of friends. Next stop: Dubai! I better start saving 🙂

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