Somewhere New: Lexington, KY

Greetings from Lexington, Kentucky – The Bluegrass State!

Sometime last year I promised myself that I would try to visit at least one new place a year, so here I am writing this from downtown Lexington. You’re probably wondering that my choice of destination is a little random, but it’s not since I’m here for the PRSA Travel & Tourism conference.
Lexington, KY
The conference officially starts this evening, so I had some time to walk around this morning. Not unlike  Grenada, it was very quiet being Sunday morning, so I walked around learning a little history. Here are a few shots of what I saw:
Lexington KY
Lexington KY


This is the house where Mary Todd Lincoln – Abraham Lincoln’s wife – grew up. Unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays.

I wrote this post using the Blogger app for iPad. I’m not sure if I just haven’t figured out how it works, or if it really is not that user friendly. Where are the instructions?! Anyway, stay tuned for more from my Big Lex Adventure!



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