Happy Birthday Pops!

Today is my father’s 60th birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Everyone says that their Dad/Mom is the best but I am truly grateful to have such wonderful parents. Growing up I probably wasn’t the most appreciative of them, but now I know how fortunate I am to have them in my life.

So to my Dad on your birthday, thank you for always being one of my most faithful supporters; for being my resource for every why; for cheering me up with  your shaggy dog jokes. Thank you for always pushing me to follow my dreams, and being the biggest promoter of my blog. Even though I’ve already told you a hundred times what a retweet is, I’ll still tell you a hundred times more.


What do you mean there are no more dinosaurs?


Off to camp in St. Vincent


Vous êtes le maillon faible, au-revoir

“Let’s show these kids how to waltz”
These are the moments I love the most



Happy Birthday Daddy!


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