Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Peanuts! Hot dogs! Cold water! Peanuts! Hot dogs! Cold wateeeerrrr…..
Sitting from my perch way up in the stands at Nationals park, it was a little hard to believe that after almost two years living in Washington, DC I had just made it to a baseball game. When I first moved to DC in August 2010, I was really excited about going to sports games and being a fan of all of the DC teams. During that first year though, I only went to two basketball games and both times the Wizards lost, because well, they’re the Wizards.  I had a few opportunities to go to see the Nationals play, but at that time my Crapstone Capstone seemed more important than a baseball game. And besides, the Nationals weren’t all that good anyway.
This year, however, I had no excuse. I didn’t have any papers to spend hours labouring over and I live within walking distance of the baseball stadium. And, at the time I went to see them play, the Nationals were in first place in the National League. It also helped that a baseball game was on the list of 40 must-dos this summer that Kelly is keeping track of. So when we found out that the Yankees were coming to town for Father’s day, I jumped at the chance to buy some cheap affordable tickets. (Hence the perch way up in the stands)
My brother has been a Yankee fan for as long as I can remember, so he and his wife donned their Yankee jerseys for the game. They even had the dog rocking a Yankees cap.  I, however, was determined to be a proper Nats fan so I went out and bought a Nats t-shirt. No clue who Werth is (he didn’t even play that day) but at least I was showing off my team spirit.


When we got to the baseball stadium, the place was already buzzing. “Get your hotdogs! Get your peanuts! Cold water!” vendors shouted as we walked towards the entrance gates. It was a gorgeous day for baseball, and the fans – both Nats and Yankees – were out in full force.


Well the Nationals lost to the Yankees, but I still think I got a solid baseball experience. I got my hotdog, paid $10 for a beer, saw some home-runs and cheered every time the announcers said  “Ladies and gentlemen, ignite your Natitude!”


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  1. Joshua July 3, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    It's take me out to the ballgame! ;-P

  2. Alybiz July 3, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Glad to know that you're reading the posts! 😛 ….. Edited! Thanks!


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